Wednesday, April 4, 2012

some progress!

So this morning I finally managed to find the time/get my shite together enough to go to the first come first serve emergency clinic at the dental school of one of the local universities. After, you know, ignoring constant, sometimes intense tooth pain/headache for WEEKS...

It went surprisingly well. Not all taken care of - I need a root canal, which they are supposed to call me to schedule, but they did to a procedure to 'stabilize' the pain for now. Dunno, it still hurts a lot, but I'm going to give it a few days since these kinds of things tend to take a bit for body to adjust to the new status quo...

In any case though, this is PROGRESS. I actually made some real concrete movement in the right direction. I went across town, found the clinic, sat my turn, got into the system...things have been set in motion. That's really quite often the biggest problem for me...setting things in motion. And, being logical-minded, this turns into cycles of frustration because I KNOW exactly what I ought to be doing, and see how I am failing to do it, and yet...

But I went, swiftness, moving forward, moving onto better things. This card was at the center of a larger three card spread, and I feel in and of itself it really encompasses the crux of the day. Also, must say, artistically I really like it. The color palette of the Aquarian tarot is just lovely, and I really like the detail on the heads of those moving rods. A very nice RWS clone indeed.


Prince Le Normand said...

You sound just like me ..

I sit and think and sit and think and sit.

It took me weeks to sort my dentist appointment.

It's taking me ages to sort my application for university.

Like you, I know what I ought to be doing. But I sit and think, rather than set those wheels in motion.

I love the Aquarian palette too. I traded mine and often wonder why.

Zanna Starr said...

I tend to be the opposite -- I do give some thought to things, but I usually don't take long to "just do it." Probably a Sagittarius thing? Although I do procrastinate if I *think* I already know what the response (from the doctor or whatever) will be, and I don't like that response. hehehe

I hope your tooth is all better soon!

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