Sunday, April 8, 2012

the importance of small victories

Enjoying a nice, quiet day. Once again taking advantage of scanner access to get a deck digital for future blogging purposes. This card kind of...jumped out at me while I was doing that...

Got an email from my professor, earlier, with the grade and feedback for that memorandum I spent so much of last weekend driving myself nuts trying to get done. I did Well, and improved from my first memo, which itself I did not do badly on. Given how much stress and difficulty came with trying to get done, I was a bit surprised. Pleasantly so, of course.

So there's that. A useful reminder here, about small victories, about what is possible if you insist on trying no matter what. No matter how difficult things are - do not give up. Try, try, keep working at it. I love this little deck and look forward to working with it in the future. There isn't any of the traditional symbolism here: not the square shaped chariot, not the horses or the sphinxes, black and white, held tightly under the control of the charioteer's reigns. Instead we simply have the wild energy, the motion of the penguin. Is he swimming? Is he trying, despite all odds and laws of anatomy and physics, to fly? Does it even matter, when push comes to shove? I am reminded, by this card, of the importance of celebrating small victories, of taking pleasure in little accomplishments. It's too easy to discount them, to say 'well, what's the big deal,' but sometimes, the best thing for yourself is to really just say...yes, I did it, I succeeded in this one thing, and it feels nice.

Then keep moving forward. Keep swimming, or flying, or whatever it is you want to do, need to do, must do. Don't let those obstacles, no matter how big they may seem, discourage you. If you give up, the result is a certainty. If you keep trying, no matter how difficult, impossible it may feel at may just surprise yourself with what you manage to achieve.


Dawn Wand said...

Please can you tell me what deck this is - loving the penguins :-)

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