Monday, April 2, 2012

keeping a grasp on perspective

Just quickly typing up a small but relevant reading I did for myself... relating to how busy and stressed and tired I am about so many things, how much difficulty I've been having getting a particular assignment done...

Look inside of yourself, these cards say. Remember the crux of everything. Do not lose perspective on that, the big picture, the over-arching theme. Do not let yourself get so overwhelmed that you lose sight of that: what makes you happy, what drives you? What do you love, without question, deep down to your very bones? It is learning, learning as much as you possibly can in any way. You love reading and you love exploring, adventure, taking stupid risks because something is just so interesting and a chance to experience something new. Remember that you went back to school because you wanted to be challenged. In the end, this isn't about papers or grades but about reading, absorbing, THINKING, having a place to share those thoughts with people who are on the same page.

The Sun in Scorpio - what lights you up with that kind of intensity, focus? Mercury in Aquarius - curiosity, intellectual action, learning learning. There is so much you want to learn about in life. All your academic program stuff, and so much more: higher level economics, statistics, geology, more history, linguistics, more Arabic, more French, Russian, philosophy, so many things...classes, auto-didacticism, whatever.

Do not lose sight of that. Even as you struggle, papers scattered around you, books, three hour power naps and not lose sight of what gives you pleasure in the most instinctual of ways, always - science, science. Keep it all in perspective.


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