Tarot Decks o' Mine

So here be my tarot collection then. In approximate order of how much I like them :D

 * = a deck that I trimmed
Tarot Nusantara  |  Posts
Thoth*  |  Posts
Silicon Dawn  |  Posts
Legacy of the Divine  |  Posts
Tarot de la Rea [regular]  |  Posts
Victorian Romantic Mini [2nd Ed.]  |  Posts
Victorian Romantic Russian  |  Posts
The Light Visions Tarot  |  Posts 
Sun and Moon*  |  Posts
Swedish Witch*  |  Posts
Alchemical: Renewed*  |  Posts
Navigators of the Mystic Sea*  |  Posts
Tarot of the Absurd  |  Posts
Magical Forest*  |  Posts
Tarot delle Vetrate  |  Posts
Golden Tarot of Klimt  |  Posts
Deviant Moon*  |  Posts
Sheridan-Douglas  |  Posts
Mary-El*  |  Posts
Tarot Balbi*  |  Posts
Crystal/Vetro*  |  Posts
Tarot de Marrakech  |  Posts
Shadowscapes  |  Posts
Songs for the Journey Home Mini  |  Posts
Spanish Tarot  |  Posts
Medieval Cats*  |  Posts
Aquarian*  |   Posts
Druidcraft*  |  Posts
La Corte dei Tarocchi  |  Posts
Mystical Cats  | 
Tarot of the Master* |   Posts
Light & Shadow*  |  Posts
PCS Commemorative |  Posts
Dreaming Way Tarot*  | Posts
Fantastical Tarot  |  Posts
Celtic Tarot [Davis]*  |  Posts
Lost Tarot of Nostradamus  |

Golden Dawn [Regardie]*
Majors-Only Mix Deck [self-made]*  |  Posts

Oracle of the Radiant Sun*  |  Posts
Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand Cards [2nd Ed.]  |  Posts
Blue Owl Lenormand [verse insets]  |
Personal-Universal Lenormand [self-made]  |  Posts

decks go in and out of my collection so assuming the motivation/attention does not wane, I shall be keeping this updated.