Saturday, April 7, 2012

Relaxation & Worry

So, first of all...this is my 101st post! I didn't quite realize last time that I'd hit 100, but now that I have, I think it's pretty cool. It feels like I just started this blog, back in December, unsure if I'd be able to keep this one active we are, so far, so good. :]

Anyway, I drew these cards this morning and again, I think they really speak quite clearly/aptly about this weekend especially. First we have the four of wands. I really love how the suit of wands is handled in the Aquarian deck - the detail on the wands is just really nice, and the color palette of this suit especially really pleases me. But anyway, we have the traditional RWS image, and the meaning of...accomplishment, comfort, home, safety. Which, I ended up going back to NYC to visit my parents, and though I wasn't super enthusiastic about the trip, it is nice in a way to be here. It's a bit of space, some distance, and a sense of having a bit of a break and relaxation. I had a nice morning of playing with my cat, who I really do miss, and my mother is making me some tofurkey for holiday dinner, which is nice of her, and yes. A nice 'home' type feeling, to some degree.

On the other hand, we also have the nine of swords, which...that kind of anxiety has kind of been the story of my week. Stress and anxiety. It kind of really hit me the other day that I have two research papers, a third memo, two group presentations, and one individual presentation that I have to all get done by the end of the month and just...combined with reading, arabic study,'s a lot. I cannot help but worry if I will be able to get it done, and well enough. And the fact that I haven't solidified/made any real plans for the summer after all that is done...worry about that too. So yes, a combination of relaxing and worrying is very much how I feel right now. Balance I suppose - a bit of the good, a bit of the bad. You muddle your way through as best you can.

And I really do like the colors and the art deco style of this deck...


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