Friday, April 13, 2012

Judgement-Call Time

I quite like this take on Judgement. Instead of the very traditional RWS "Last Judgement" image of the angel calling folks out of their graves we simply have a cloaked figure blowing the trumpet boldly. There is a lot of orange in this card - the sun, rising up from behind the clouds. Dawn colors here. We see a new day about to begin. In front of the figure, also, we see flowers blossoming, blooming, showing that new things aren't always huge big picture changes but also the more pedestrian details, sitting there in front of you.

Judgement asks that you make that call. Take the action, make the decision about what is right, what you will do, which way to go. It asks that you take the future into your own hands.

I have trouble with this kind of thing, with making decisions of any sort, be they large or small. For example, this is my last reading with the Aquarian for now. Planning on switching to another deck for a week or two, tomorrow. But which one? I cannot decide. Go back and forth over it. I know it doesn't really matter, and for me, this kind of indecision is almost never really about being afraid of choosing wrong. I simply just cannot...pick, sometimes.

On bigger issues too, this is relevant, especially now. I have a lot of decisions to make in the near future, judgement calls. Do I try to stay in the same apartment for another year and deal with the issues I have with it, or go through all the trouble of finding somewhere new? Which of the two major options, both of which have serious opportunity costs, drawbacks as well as benefits, do I go with for my summer plans? What do I do next fall? Small decisions and very large ones abound.

With some things, I really wish I could talk to someone about things. For the indecisive person, having external input, validation, or even letting someone else make a decision for you can be so NICE...and yet, sometimes there isn't anyone knowledgeable and/or interested enough to talk to. Sometimes you've already gotten what input or advice the people that care have for you, and ultimately the rest is in your hands. You want facts and figures and exact research and instead you just have...a vague gut feeling, your own logic, reason and judgement to go by. Only that.

This card, I think, is a reminder of the fact that the time for making those choices, for figuring out which options and opportunities to pursue, is fast approaching. Many of these decisions of mine, especially the larger ones, are time-sensitive. I simply cannot go on dallying, weighing pros and cons and thinking in circles for very much longer. Sometimes you just need to be brave, be bold. Go on a limb. Choose what seems best, swallow your doubts, and let your breath become sound, become momentum, that rising sun...


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