Wednesday, April 18, 2012

and on and on we go...

Nothing too long, deep, or insightful to write today. Perhaps not the most coherent...haven't really slept in like a day. Still at it, type type, read read, trying to get it all done before this evening.

Pulled this card this morning. Had a very encouraging little quick draw from my Thoth last night right when I really needed it, and this too, seems to me along the same lines. I love how very, very dynamic the princess is here. Love the goats in Thoth-influenced decks, I must say. Goats are one of my favorite animals. But yes, love how she is running with it, slingshot read, bold, ready to learn and explore by doing, out there with nature, out in the world, challenging herself. On the one hand, the metaphorical student-me I see, in this card. I always kind of associate the more studious parts of my life with this court, actually. On the other hand, with all the movement in the card, a very apt additional message indeed:

Yes, sure, you can succeed and handle this challenge. If you get to DOING it. Why are you pulling cards instead of writing now? Act act, run run, go go. Intellectual athletics this is, yes.

The details in this deck really are great, though, if you take the time to really look at the cards...

Anyway, before I go back to my goat, er, work...following up on this reading from last new shiny, in a pretty case from Etsy, named Logos Tehuti (I name all my electronic devices, ha. My ipod is Aleister...)


Marina said...

This card somehow reminds me of Pocahontas, running in the nature, always seeking movement. Always doing, always curious, never happy with a stale life. She was always looking for what is waiting round the river bend! ;)

I don't usually like B&W decks, but this one is very interesting!

And it matches the new case you bought for Logos Tehuti! :D

Alison Cross said...

Oh I love that idea of Pocahontas! And I love the new case - really pretty with that monochrome thing going on.

And the reason that I'm not writing? I iz knackered from the earlier stuff. I may go out and run with a goat though :-)

Ali x

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