Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tarot Math: a day for virtuous swiftness

So, with my Marrakech still in the midst of my edge-gilting experiments, another day for the Thoth.
Decided that I'd like to try out one of the tarot math spreads from Tarot Dame's blog - I do like doing interesting/unusual excercises with the cards, so I think I'll be working my way through those slowly. For today, the simple addition spread:

 8 of Wands + 3 of Wands = Ace of Wands

So essentially: virtous, motivated, positive thinking combined with swift, energetic action will lead to the success of new ventures.

Actually, this makes a lot of sense to me, and was actually quite motivational to see this morning when, soon after waking up, I drew these cards. Swiftness - extending energy outwards in all directions, a prism of light; connecting what I want to reality and making it happen, getting my mind on board and just...get myself moving! And the virtue card...with an orange background, like the dawn, watching the sun break through the darkness of night and a new day, new possibility, new ideas and plans to get done (I did not in fact wake up early enough to see the dawn today, though, ha). Potential here, ambition and plans to realize. And of course, the right attitude is everything: if you tell yourself you can't do it, of course you won't be able to and all that.

Bring those things together, and yes, the Ace, success, accomplishment, new things started: that idealized dream of productivity that I am so enamoured with. Today is the day to actually get things DONE.

Motivational this is, yes. There is, as usual, quite a few things for me to do. I've been having a really hard time getting through more than just the bare minimum lately, largely due to mood and mental things and whatnot. That's not changed, really but...this reading helps remind me of something from my self help book: sometimes it isn't about waiting around until you 'feel better'. Sometimes it is about doing things anyway, because the very fact that you've gotten them done can help, at least somewhat. And if it doesn't? At least you got stuff out of the way.

So yes, there are some more minor errands I'd really like to actually long-suffering money tree Shamil really needs re-potting and I need to go to the hardware store to get soil for that; grocery shopping, try to get food I could actually eat; bills to pay, emails to respond to, schoolwork to work on, etc. Also though, there are some longer term things, school related, personal related, etc., that I have been having trouble getting motivated even just to get started on. There are some concrete steps I could take, small ones, but you have to start somewhere right? Today is the day to try to do that, methinks.


Anonymous said...

I love that spread - what a great way to think about combining cards. :) It looks very positive for you too!

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