Saturday, February 18, 2012

abundance of...

So this card came up as part of a larger spread/reading I was doing for myself this morning about a problem/issue I am having...essentially, frustrated efforts to get professional help and various options of how to proceed. The whole reading was surprisingly positive. This card came up in the position of 'General Advice/Where I am now'...

The title here is abundance, which of course begs the question - abundance of what, exactly? But we see it in the card: abundance of energy, of light that shines; abundance of love, for others, for the world and especially for yourself; abundance of motivation, creativity, drive. It needs to come from within you, this abundance, twined deeply enough within your brain to resist the negativity that comes and goes...

And if you have it, if you can fill up those cups and keep them decently filled, what is it that you cannot accomplish, or at least give a damn good try? If you don't have motivation or energy or some kind of hope, the best therapist in the world won't be able to do much to help you, especially if you are an adult (children/minors you can at least sort of force to do things that are good for them if they are unwilling...) with a mind of your own.

On the other hand, if you can find it within yourself...then you can make the best of whatever you have to work with. And if a so-called professional essentially tells you 'sorry, you're problems are too serious for the kind of help you are looking for' and rebuffs? Fine, fine. You can still make IMPROVEMENT, focus on  that EQUILIBRIUM and bringing balance to yourself with what you have - self help books, tarot cards, the support of a few online friends. You can work with what you have, and do well if you keep your eye on modest goals, realistic intentions. What you need most is not some external person telling you what to do, but that which you must find within yourself.

(Random note: kind of amused to realize that I quite frequently revert to writing in second person when writing up readings for myself, ha. Also, Thoth keywords are surprisingly apt. given how often keywords in other decks are a bunch of nonsense. )


Anonymous said...

I'm much enjoying your second person readings! Since I read your most recent posts from the top down, I didn't even realize at first that they were actual readings because they worked so well as more general card reflections.

I'm also digging the way you seem to write about yourself but still do it abstractly enough so that I can easily relate to your ideas.

I may eventually borrow the idea and see how writing in the second person and less concretely works for me. You see, I always worry that personal readings are boring to everyone else but the reader/sitter... Your approach may be a way to get around that problem.

~ Cat

Bonkers said...


the second person thing is kind of an instinctive switch for me that i don't even realize i'm doing right away sometimes, but the trying to make specific readings abstract when i post them here is quite intentional, and for exactly the reasons you said. its my way of trying to stretch my own readings to be more widely applicable/interesting for others to read.

I borrow ideas from other blogs all the time, so feel free :]

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