Wednesday, February 15, 2012

peace and change

So I'm realizing that the Deviant Moon is a deck that a nice liqueur. In small doses, lovely, but you probably wouldn't want to spent all night drinking it. So I decided enough of that for now, and in addition to sticking with the Marrakech a bit longer, also going to be working more with my Thoth. I have (or have coming in the mail, or have my eye on for when they are released) a number of decks that are thoth-influenced to some degree, so it behooves me to get more familiar with this deck, methinks. It's only in the last year that I've gotten familiar and comfortable enough with tarot to release my pretty tight allegiance to the RWS influence...

A day for twos, today, it would seem. I see the message here clearly, though: sometimes, you really do need change to have any kind of real chance at a peace.

In a way, that sentiment almost seems oxymoronic - after all, isn't peace about stability, about quiet, calm sameness, a certain lack of chaos as it were? Perhaps, but that only works if your baseline, the starting point, is somewhere GOOD. It's all too easy to fall into the trap of sticking to the 'devil you know', of staying in the same miserable situation, of putting SO MUCH ENERGY into walking on eggshells because you don't want to upset things. That isn't peace though, really, not real peace.

Change is constant, everywhere, necessary. I had oroboros tattooed onto my wrist recently to try to remind myself of that. All things that begin must have an end, and all ends bring about a new beginning, and it goes on like that, infinity as this card shows, whether you wear a crown or are the simplest of people: things change, people change, situations change. Sometimes this happens, and sometimes you need to make this happen. Of course, that can be hard. A violet background, deep, to represent trust, and that is the crux: change is easier if you have trust: trust that things will turn out well, that a better situation is a possibility; trust in the people or institutions you may need to rely on during the change; trust in your own ability to change. Trust that everything has its complement and that you can achieve the synchronicity you need in your life right now.

You change to try to grasp peace - not contentment, not fulfillment, not joy - simply peace. A place to place down those heavy swords. The pale blue flower head that will let you rest wrapped in her soft petals for a bit. The delicate geometry of this card makes me think of origami - you need a bit of peace to create those, and of course they aren't really permanent, paper-things that they are, liable to crush or soak through or burn at the slightest trouble...but they are nice, and they can make you happy for a time. A time to rest, collect yourself.

I could use more peace in my life right now, especially mentally. Even if the peace is a delicate, temporal thing, flighty. But even that kind of peace doesn't just come, appear. Changes, small changes, in thinking, in action, in what you choose to do or not do, are necessary.

There comes a time to let go of all that you would hang onto simply because you dread what might come to take its place. After all, change is constant: even if it is more negative, that too will change in time. Peace, paper windmills whirling in a cool breeze and heavy swords laid down in grass so tired arms may rest.


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