Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Favorite Majors: The Lovers

Well, this is a major I like well enough, kind of because of what it means: oh sure, there are lovers on the card, and sure it can mean that, but it can also mean (and in my reading more often does mean) something relating to choice, to decision. Choices and decisions, as anyone who knows me well can attest, are soooo not my forte, ha.

That said, in terms of this major, I couldn't help but choose my favorites based pretty much solely on the 'oh, pretty!' factor...

VI. Lovers

What can I say? The Aquarian has a very pretty lovers card. I LOVE the art nouveau influences here. I love the little nuances of color: the shading of their hair at the ends, for example. The color palette is very nice, and in line with the rest of the deck. I love the effect of the stark white background as contrast. It really makes the rest of the image pop. The figures definitely have a kind of 70's look to them. Not super symbolism heavy, obviously, but very easy on the eyes. :]

Runner Up:
Like the Aquarian, this one, from the Crystal/Vetro tarot, is also just....aesthetically very very nice. As is that deck as a whole - an "art deck" to be sure, but oh what art it is! The palette of this card is quite different, which makes for interesting contrast places side by side with the Aquarian lovers like this. Lots of green here, which in my mind makes lots of sense with the theme of this card - it's spring, things are growing, sprouting up, and these lovers are choosing to be together. I really like the composition of this card - the lovers off to the side a bit, so you can see the background, the tree behind them, that lovely sun back there in the the color contrast of their clothes too. Again, image-wise....its just so PRETTY, ha.


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