Friday, June 15, 2012

ready for the new

The Page of Swords is a figure that stands with the sword in hand - but he doesn't charge forward recklessly like the knight, not quite. There is still the bit of the dreamer in him, the bit of whimsy.

But this page is ready for the new, especially mentally, intellectually. He is intrigued by the challenge of the unfamiliar: it is a puzzle for him to solve, something to think on, to ponder. How else would he learn? He wants to see, to analyze, to observe. Perhaps he can stand there so calmly in the face of whatever because, air-like, he really does feel a certain sense of detachment, of being in but not a part of. Laughter comes easier that way, regardless of circumstances. But the challenge to the mind, the challenge of taking on the new, is so much a part of this. He wants so very much to grow stronger, better.

A very relevant card for me, as I ease into routines and get properly settled in to my new surroundings. There's been some unrest the last few days, Salafi riots and military curfews and the like, but nothing too serious. Like the page, I probably find this more exciting/amusing than I should because well, new things, observing, detachment.

Enjoy exploring, walking around, seeing much. Enjoy the little challenges of everyday life. Really getting into the arabic study. It's a change, to be focused so very much on learning one thing rather than having a whole load of classes to split attention between. Many hours of studying to be had.

This card makes me think of communication and messages too. Have been having fun sending postcards to all over. (Speaking of which, one or two people who I also know from AT I am already sending to, but if anyone would like one - postage here is pretty cheap - i just need a mailing address: oracletodisaster at gmail dot com), and posting pictures and the like. Trying to keep up communication is a bit hard, with so much to do/grab my attention here, but trying.


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