Thursday, June 7, 2012


So I know I haven't written much specifically about being in Tunisia thus far. I mean for this blog to be about and focused on tarot, and that limits things, somewhat, in terms of what I write about, when and how.

It's half past three in the morning here right now, and I can't sleep. Listening to the call to prayer and the sound of a very vocal rooster calling. Probably won't sleep tonight. Need to leave very early for a weekend trip to the south of the country. There will, no doubt, be lots of new things to see, to do, to learn.

Things aren't perfect, of course. Things will never be perfect, ideal, no matter what the circumstances or where you are. It is only in memory, sometimes, that the details of all the little issues and annoyances and inconveniences can be glossed over and forgotten. When you are in the middle of things, actually living life and experiencing events as they come at you, things will never quite be so...smooth and painless.

And yet, nonetheless. There is so much  here to enjoy, so much to take advantage of and be grateful for.

This may seem like a funny card to come up, in reflection of my experience here thus far - after all, I am here not with family or friends but alone. But if you look closer...appreciating, enjoying. They are enjoying each other's company, and the adults at least, are old and experienced enough to KNOW that they have a good thing going on, to know how great it is to have the chance to look up at that dazzling rainbow in front of them, beauty.

In the neighborhood where my language school is, all the buildings are painted blue and white. There are so many colorful flowers growing everywhere. And very nearby, the sea, bright blue too. Yes, lots to appreciate here indeed.


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