Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Interesting Interpretation

Just a tidbit I found rather interesting -

This Temperance card came up as part of a quick draw I did for myself on Sunday morning. We were about to head out to the desert for a day of exploring oases and desert springs, of bouncing around driving over sand dunes and visiting the set where they filmed scenes from original Star Wars movies and such fun things.

The most traditional interpretation of this card would probably have something to do with acting in a balanced manner, being measured in my behavior, perhaps doing some creative things (have been really having fun with photography) etc. But what immediately came  to mind was the water in the image, the pouring of water from cup to cup. Even in the most normal circumstances back home, I have a terrible tendency to let myself get quite rather dehydrated and well, a day in a hot desert...avoiding that would be even more important.

And what do you know, despite having that in mind, I did indeed again let myself get rather dehydrated at a certain point. By that I mean, to the degree where I felt my heart racing every time I stood up/walked, light-headedness, etc. In my defense, this was mostly caused by a long stretch of a lack of bathroom availability, but yeah. Drinking enough water - a very temperance thing to do too, if you think about it, even if it isn't the most common interpretation of the card.


Alison Cross said...

Good point - sometimes it's not all the esoteric meanings that cards want us to look at, but also the mundane.

Keeping yourself hydrated is an excellent point for Temperance!

Ali x

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