Wednesday, June 27, 2012

birthday message

So yes, four and twenty I now am, it would seem.

Decided to do a birthday reading. First a card with a single message in and of itself, then a bit longer and more complex going into detail spread for myself, which I shall keep to myself got now, methinks.

But for that first, general message, this card came up. The wheel of fortune. Both as a reflection of the last year and as advice/perspective for times ahead, I think the message here is quite apt.

The world - your world - is always moving, spinning, changing. Nothing stays the same. You change, and so do the people around you, and your circumstances. Everything that has a beginning has an end. When something is particularly enjoyable, great, its good to both make the most of it in the moment, and to remember that it will not - cannot - last forever. Enjoy, but don't cling too much when it goes; don't spend too much energy on disappointment or that melancholy type of nostalgia once it is over. Instead just move on, seek new things. There are ALWAYS new things to be discovered, explored, made the most of.

Similarly, when things are at a low point, it's worth keeping in mind that this, too, will not last forever. Things will improve, even if slowly, bit by bit. Even if only temporarily. You mind find an opportunity when you least expect it, or from a direction you hadn't even considered. Best way to make sure you can see it and grasp it is to keep an open mind, and open eye.

Be flexible. Roll with the changes that make come. One day you might be a poor seller of birds; the next day the heir to the throne; later on, one of those same birds, in need of rescuing. So it goes. So the world spins. Spin with it. See where it takes you. All things begin and all things end and all things change and there is no use in anything but accepting what changes may come.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, mine is coming up on saturday - cancers for the win :-p
I need to look up some nice birthday spreads too.

Alison Cross said...

Happy birthday!!! Been busy off-line and not had time to catch up! Hope you had a lovely day. Be flexible and roll....that's not bad advice, is it?

Ali x

Inner Whispers said...

Sorry to be so late in congratulating you - happy Birthday! I think the Osho Zen is one of my favourite versions of this card - a reminder that if we can find a calm centre within ourselves, then the wheel can spin all it likes, it won't throw us.

Wishing you another year of excitement, challenges and exploration!

Chloë x

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