Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Reading

Decided to do a simple little spread reading for the end of the year/start of the new year. Short and sweet is all you really need sometimes. (That and limited time but you know, details details.)
So two cards: the first in reflection on 2011, the second in anticipation of 2012.

So in reflection on 2011 we have here the Knight of Coins. In a lot of ways, this makes sense. The coins suit tends to reflect on the material, the physical, the external and concrete, and on this aspect of things at least, 2011 was a pretty good year, a year of some movement and progress, which is what Knights tend to represent. I did some traveling, I started graduate school, I moved to a new city, and I changed as a result my  living situation from one I didn't particularly enjoy to one I feel quite good/free/comfortable in. I even managed to find myself a part time job towards the very end of the year. So comfortable, yes, calm. The end in ending well in that regard at least. The city in the background, this new continuing chapter in my life.

And overall too, thematically - the knight of coins represents, to me at least, a kind of solid, enduring if not particularly exciting progress. The card of trudging on through life even if it isn't particularly exciting, of yes go on move forward, reliability and responsibility on going on because you should, you must. This knight isn't ruled by impulses, emotions, whatever is going on with all that. His feet are firmly rooted to the ground. His armor is well made and appropriately. He grasps that pentacle coin, props it up. He make progress because he knows its the reasonable thing to do, because he follows through on commitments. And again, on that level...I went from living with my parents (a situation not at all to my liking) and working full time in a job I didn't like and feeling intellectually unchallenged and frustrated, to starting grad school, moving to a new city, succeeding in my first semester of that, own apartment, etc etc. Not that this year has been good on all levels but...looking at it from this perspective...cannot say progress has not been made, of a sort. A reminder, this, to look on that positive side. What I have managed to do. For me personally, this card very much has that as an underlying meaning: that you can keep trudging on forward even when so much within you is screaming that you cannot, that it is too hard: back straight, one foot after the other, forward motion, slowly perhaps, with difficulty but nonetheless: forward motion.

Now in anticipation of the next year we have another coins card - seven of coins, an obelisk standing firmly in the ground. The suit of the material, and this card - the foundation is there. No need to make drastic changes, but rather focus on working on what you have started, on what you have. The obelisk is covered with coins, each representing various alchemical metals. As they go upwards they increase in purity, until at the top you have gold, considered to be the purest metal in alchemy, the goal, success, and wreathed with laurels. This is what you are aiming for, as you grope your way higher and higher, clawing your way up that obelisk. Transform, transmute, change. Distill away the imperfections, problems that weight you down. Aim higher yes, aim for better, improvements. Not radical changes, again, but small and steady, improving on what you already have. The same outdoor landscape, the same physical background, but try to have some goals, that laurel-wreathed golden goal to aim for, to grasp for. Try for positive changes, realistic ones, a progression, a ;adder, upwards movement, building and building on what you have. Especially physical realm, material realm: improvements here are concrete and inarguable - they can give you something to hold onto when other, more tenuous things fall apart. Concrete improvements and the promise of more. Career wise, school wise, living situation wise - how can you move forward even more in the new year? Get better. Aim for something and work for it. Successes here, even small ones, give you a reason, forward momentum overall.


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