Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas rumination

So put away the Spanish tarot for now, still working with Silicon Dawn and now also with Robert Place's Alchemical Renewed. A friend from tarot group lent me the book that goes with it (since I bought it deck only) so I can actually study/understand all the alchemical symbolism now and thus get all the cards, so that's what I'm doing over the holidays.

Anyway, drew a card today. A message, a thought, something to ponder and meditate on this Christmas. What should I keep in mind What should I think about?

Interesting card to draw, and not necessarily expected. It makes sense, though. Food for thought on two levels. On the one hand, more broadly/generally speaking - this holiday has largely turned into, in our society, a holiday about gifts and food, about unwrapping presents and stuffing faces and dinner tables with families we may or may not love or be able to stand spending time with and this is like...yes, of course, enjoy that, but keep in mind those who...may not have that much. The privileged of a warm place to stay, family that cares/they communicate with, money for gifts, etc. Perspective. Holiday charity giving. All that. A good reminder, sure.

For me personally, I also see in this card...well let's just say holidays, and this holiday specifically, is not something I am terribly enthusiastic about. I don't like Christmas music or decorations or seeing Santa's everywhere, I have a small family and we don't do very much which is a relief because I have no enthusiasm for holiday festivities and...I have a tendency to just grumble and whine a lot, at least in my head (because I have the good sense to spare people my nonsense at least, LOL). So I find things wrong: I am bored, I want to go back to my place in DC, these lights are annoying, this and that is tedious and blah blah. But really, there is so much that could be worse. Worse for me personally. Health-wise, money-wise, social-wise...there is so much that I could have less of, so many ways this holiday could really be bad. I personally know several people who, objectively, have much less of a nice holiday than I; there are so many people I don't know in life circumstances, for whatever reason, that make today...well. Perspective. Perspective. Keep it in mind.


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