Saturday, December 17, 2011

3 Day Draw

So I'm really not the type of person that does daily draws. Too much...routine and habit required. Also for me at least, I don't find it necessary to reflect on a card every day. Some days I need a reading, much longer than a card, some day I need nothing, etc.

Got the idea for this, though, so decided to give it a go. 3 day draw spread/reading. Why do three days of daily draws when you can get em all out of the way at once? Essentially, this goes:

Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow

With a card for each to give you something to reflect on, some advice, perhaps some predictive tidbit, perhaps not, whatever. So here it goes, using the Spanish tarot again:

Yesterday -
When I think about it, yes, there was kind of a bunch of Magician type themes to things yesterday. I had an Arabic exam in the morning which I hadn't properly studied for so had to wing it with my pre-existing abilities, knowledge, skill etc (think I did ok with that xD). Then later got called out (though at what I in retrospect think was a bad time and context, thus ineffective/counterproductive) on the degree to which certain issues of mine are me not trying, not having enough will to change/take action, etc. Good question to ponder, overall/nonetheless, and this card came up reversed in another interesting reading just recently in future position so...yeah. Finally, had a funny conversation at night with roommate, at her instigation, in which I (with some reluctance) discussed a certain aspect of my life in this funny which I didn't say anything at all that wasn't perfectly true, but presented it all in such a way that the reality of what happened/how I went about things/who I am in that regard came of QUITE differently than is actually the case. Charlatan magician indeed... Also, Magician, with that ONE number, has always struck me as alone in the I don't need anyone I can do this all on my own way in one aspect of things and during the convo that was also a theme. You see, apparently it is unsafe to go out with people you dont know well/to places you are unfamiliar with and not tell anyone where you are going. To me, though, I VERY much prefer things that way. It feels free, life as an adventure, not tied down with oh by the way i am going here...and yeah, that's probably a mix of Fool and Magician tendencies but, yanno.

Today -
Interesting that this comes up again. Have my final exam to take, essays by email, at ten this morning. And here a card of synthesis, of needing to pull things together - pull myself together, pull my thoughts and ideas together, perhaps pull ideas together from two or more of the readings to answer whatever the prompts will be.
Also, after that...have been leaning towards excepting someone's offer to uh...spend time together later today. Seeing this as a go ahead card for that idea. Why not? Shall see how that goes then...
The two bird heads at the top of this card do look less than pleased with each other. I wonder what that could mean...

Tomorrow  -
Free, free at last! Of school stuff that is, of the obligation hanging over head to be good studious girly, study work hard page. Doing something perhaps unwise, impractical...though not sure if this is a warning or advice to let loose. Perhaps a bit of both. Do something silly, but not too much so. Mary K Greer's Tarot Reversal, which I just consulted, also mentions health...less than healthy actions, less than healthy mental or physical states...which wouldn't surprise me either. So basically both a warning, advice...balance of the positive and negative to keep in mind.

Shall see how things play out, I guess. Also interesting to look at these three as a whole. Interesting times theme to the weekend indeed...


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