Thursday, May 10, 2012

sweet, sweet freedom

So after yesterday's long reading about how to approach all the many things I have to do, todays cards have quite a different message/focus for me:

Enjoy the newly regained freedom that comes with no longer being deluged with four classes worth of graduate schoolwork. Enjoy the intellectual freedom especially. Because on the one hand, yes, I do enjoy being challenged, being pushed to the limits of what I can do, having so much to read and write all the time that just keeping up with that takes up the vast majority of my brain power.

On the other hand though, after doing that from September to May...being free to just READ whatever I want, as much as I want...all those books I've had piling up around fiction, fantasy, non-fiction about things I want to I can start making my way through them. It feels really nice to be able to jump into reading ANYTHING that I want to read because there is nothing that I HAVE to read.

It's nice to be able to watch episodes of TV shows online without feeling guilty because I am WASTING TIME that I ought to be using to get x, y, and z done. It's nice to have the option to work with some decks that require more reading/study, to work on my self-help books a bit, to actually properly sleep.

So yeah, obviously, as the previous reading focused on, there is a lot I still have to do and sort through as I [rather rapidly] move forward with things...but nonetheless. I think the message here is to have some patience with myself. Let myself rest, do a few things, silly things even, frivolous things, that make me happy. I like this 7 of pentacles because, rather than focus on the growing aspect of farming, like many decks do, it focuses on the harvest time, and a completed-harvest at that. A different kind of patience, a different kind of rest.

(Also, not sure how it could apply to me, but I rather like the theme of the dog in these two cards. The loyal companion, reliable source of comfort...sometimes it snips at your heals, warning you of danger. Sometimes it lies beside you, as ready for a rest as you are...)

So yeah, it's nice to have a bit more time for me again. :]


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