Sunday, May 13, 2012

pleasant little adventures

So decided to do a final little two card draw this morning before switching off to a new week's deck...

Seeing these, it immediately brought to mind my day yesterday. I really like this deck's take on that three of wands...we have the ship in the sea, sailing, the possibilities, opportunities, horizons, travel aspects of this card...but also the dolphin the the foreground. We have a dolphin playing, enjoying itself. A bit of whimsy. A message to make the most of the moment, of whatever you happen to be doing. Enjoy the adventures you happen to go on. The sun really emphasizes that point too. Two kids, playing together under the sun's bright light - optimism, fun, a good attitude.

It was a very sunny Saturday yesterday. A got myself motivated, gathered up the energy to get up early and go out. There was an open house event at the embassies of the EU. I visited the embassies of Finland, the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, Croatia, Lithuania, and Romania, as well as going inside the big Islamic center/Mosque which was also having an open house type event. It was a lot of walking, a nice day spent exploring. I enjoyed spending the time alone doing positive, interesting things. And in a legal sense, I visited the sovereign soil of quite a few nations indeed, ha.

So yes, I felt quite a bit  like that dolphin, moving around, checking out the possibilities, take advantage of an opportunity (the event is only hosted one day a year) and enjoying the weather, the sunshine.

I also like the dynamic movement of the two cards...the dolphin is swimming, dancing in the water, and the two kids are dancing on the grass...a message there, I think, about making your own pleasures, about taking an active part rather than sitting around and just...thinking. Or even just the fact that, nice as sedentary activities can be...when the weather is right, doing things that require some physical movement - walking, running, skating, biking, dancing, swimming, whatever - can be really beneficial, both physically and mentally.


Alison Cross said...

I think physical movement has a LOT to do with our mental states. Many emotional and mental knots can be unravelled by a bit of regular exercise.

If the weather is EVER nice here again, I plan to follow your advice and get out and get phsical!

These are two lovely up-beat cards to pull!

Ali x

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

You'd have to know the imagery of the RWS to even remotely connect that 3 of wands to tarot :)

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