Monday, March 5, 2012

pondering prudence

This came up as part of a larger three card draw I did for myself today, but I thought it was an especially interesting card to really mull over for a bit, so.

The 8 of disks is a card that, in the RWS, I've always sort of identified with: a man hard at work, creating something new, dedicated. I see myself as a student in that image. Here, though, the nuance is a bit different. The 8 of disks in the Thoth is titled Prudence. We see a tree, well rooted, flowering eight blossom-coins, and each is shielded by a leaf. Not unlike the 7 of coins in the RWS actually...the same underlying metaphor of growth in nature: when you plant a tree or a fruit, you need to tend to it, and you must have patience. Flowers do not bloom overnight, but rather after months or even years of care. The importance of time.

Also, trying to start to pay more attention to the astrological aspects of this deck, especially in the minors. Here we have the Sun and Virgo, which well...says a lot. The sun for light, that golden background, for energy, positivity, success in your endeavors. As for Virgo...Virgos are very much about pragmatism, practicality, doing things RIGHT, attention to detail, worry, worry, everything must be done just so, yes (can you tell I have a Virgo mother?). Put those together and you do indeed have the concept of prudence in a nutshell.

This take on the card is also interesting because's less about the immediate, in a way. With the RWS, its about sitting down and hammering out the coin and voila, there it is, your coin, a real tangible thing, your efforts made graspable. With this...well you work and you work, and sure eventually the riches of those coin-flowers will be your reward, but how many nights do you go home with nothing in your hands, tired from all the work you put in? If, like me, you are not the most future-oriented of people, it's easy to be tempted, after a time, to give up, or to take some kind of shortcut that will give you less but faster...

What's more, prudence is not always the most exciting of prospects. Neither the easiest nor the most interestiing of options. Prudence is me getting off the internet and tidying up after myself and cleaning all the silverware for my mother. Prudence is me using my spring break to catch up on school reading and research, and trying to apply for jobs and internships for the summer. Prudence is almost never the option that will excite you and yet...look at that image, the stunning visual contrast, the green leaves, violet-mauve flowers, the disks within...good things lie there, waiting for you, if you can stick to that prudent path.


Marina said...

I don't know much about the Thuth symbolism, but I get the feeling that this card is also about protecting your work. Preserving what you create through you efforts, not letting other abuse it, misuse it to take credit for it when you have done it all. Like the leaves are protecting the tender buds, you need to protect your projects (and sometimes your dreams) from the harshness of people who just want crude and immediate results, or who are ready to bash you if you don't get where they want you.

I feel this card has a strong 'timing' component to it. How long do you stay as a bud and when you decide it's time to blossom...

“The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” -- Anaïs Nin

Bonkers said...

that's a great perspective into the protective aspect of this card I hadn't thought of! And yes, definitely yes about the timing element. Also, lovely quote. Thanks Marina!

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