Saturday, March 17, 2012

Enjoying Spring would be fair to say that this has very much been a less than ideal week. Started off with busy schedule and frustration and then something happened which kind of...left me mentally reeling. Not something I really feel comfortable talking about to anyone and still trying to process what happened and...yeah. So been all over the place with mood and thoughts and whatnot.

When I drew these cards though, I kind of...immediately couldn't help but think of one aspect of the week that has just been wonderful - the weather. It is early March but it is totally spring! I've never lived this far south before and....70 Fahrenheit temperatures and trees flowering everywhere and bushes blooming and everything so nice and warm and colorful already - it is, indeed, something to really enjoy. The rays of light shining down on those full, golden cups, the warmth of's nice. And the queen of disks really emphasizes that...the desert in the background, winter and everything bleak, dark, cold, trees bare...but now everything is growing again, sprouting up, like those stalky leaves on this queen's throne. The goat is surely ready to take advantage, to nibble on some fresh grass. And indeed, even when I am not feeling so well going outside when it is so nice out just...improves everything.

Sometimes you can't fix everything, and the best you can do is just...enjoy what you can. I'm reminded of that reading from a week ago or so, about finding joy in small things when necessary. Taking care of yourself as best you can, with whatever you have to work with. I went skating again today and it was really nice. I actually really like skating near where I I went around a military fort, by the waterfront, past some industrial installations, through a public housing type neighborhood, past a highway, and right up back around the Smithsonians and the Capitol, all within like an hour of skating. Nice. And the nature everywhere inspired me to take a few photographs too...

So yeah, a simple, useful reminder today from the dear Thoth: enjoy the spring!


Inner Whispers said...

I love the sentiment - to seek joy in the little things! Wishing you a wonderful Spring :)

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