Thursday, January 17, 2013

capability and success

So I drew these two cards yesterday morning while preparing myself to deal with something I consider deeply unpleasant. Essentially, there was a kink with my financial aid/student loan disbursement, the kind of bureaucratic issue that requires phone calls, being transferred to five different people, none of whom quite know what they are talking about, and then some running around between multiple offices. I have some issues with phone anxiety: email or other written communication I am great at, talking in person is just fine, but give me a phone and a number for someone I don't know well and I am filled with dread.

The Magician here makes an intriguing picture in part because he doesn't seem to His posture is casual, hands in pockets, almost slouchy. Not much enthusiasm at all - the color palette of the card further strengthens that impression: brownish hues, a distinct dearth of any livelier tones. Yet the tools of the suits float in front of him nonetheless, ready to be used. Perhaps this magician is not very happy with his situation, but he has the resources, the personal power and capability to deal with the situation he faces effectively.

And so it is. I may dislike doing it, but I can sound perfectly professional on the phone when I need. I can wait patiently through multiple transfers and keep my tone pleasant and polite despite my growing frustration. I can buy an additional latte to fortify myself and do the required running around. Actually, once I went back to academic coordinator of my graduate program things got a lot easier, because she is one of those people who really knows how to get things done. And so within a day the issue has been resolved, and I can say I succeeded at dealing with it.

Success yes, the much brighter and colorful six of wands. A lot of green in this card: grass in the background, leaves curled around the wands and even a green checkered cover for the horse. They move forward towards new beginnings, toward growth and development. The main figure succeeded, worked with the others, and now he can move on to other, more pleasant things.


Carla said...

The Magician looks, to me, less apathetic than supremely confident. She doesn't need to look concerned or alert. She is so powerful and confident, she has her hands in her pockets, her tools, or 'weapons', levitating around her. When she decides to use them, she possibly won't even need to take her hands OUT of her pockets. She also seems to be looking at her target with an aimed intensity. When one of those objects does fly in the direct she sends it, it's going to strike just as she intends. That's how I see it. :)

thesycamoretree said...

snags + bureaucracy = big headaches
So glad your day ended on a 6 of Wands note!

Bonkers said...

That's a very nice take on it too Carla, makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

That's a great reading. I'm still getting comfortable myself. I love reading others' interpretations :)

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