Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Away from Judgement

What does it mean, to be walking away from Judgement in the new year? In the previous part of this exercise I saw walking towards fulfilling potential ideas and the Judgement card, I see a couple of ways that kind of momentum can be halted.

Taken most literally - yes, judgement, the internal critic. You have an idea and then you start to question it, question yourself, your abilities, your ability to convey your worth, if any, in applications and such. It's easy, from the perspective of those on the ground, to look up at the shining angels, the golden glow around them, and think: I can never be like that, that good. There are too many things holding me back. Why bother dreaming, trying.

On the other hand, in the sense that this card is often representative of the idea of 'the call' I can see the issue being one in hear it, yes, recognize that you must make a decision, take action; recognize and stop at that - dither, overwhelmed.

Lastly, Judgement can be a card of rebirth, renewal, entering into a new Aeon and starting things all over again from scratch. The idea that change must be radical, all or nothing, go away from the familiar completely...that it is only by throwing out all of the old that you can move forward...this can either lead you to lose far more than you really needed to or, unable to give up so much at once, end up doing nothing at all.

Obstacles yes: self criticism, indecision, all or nothing attitudes. All things that I have been guilty of in the past. Better to walk away from these indeed.


Carla said...

If the call to Judgement comes from outside oneself (which in the Judgement card, it does), then maybe walking away from it is walking away from waiting for some big epiphany or some 'sign' that the time is right to take action. Maybe walking away from Judgement might mean taking action whether you feel 'the Universe' is ready for you to take it or not. Just a thought.

Bonkers said...

a good thought! thanks :]

Inner Whispers said...

Oh yeah, I feel you with the "I couldn't do that/be that" bit. And yet, I find as I get older that I really can do far more than I thought... :)

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