Tuesday, October 9, 2012

200th Post Deck Giveaway!

So... this blog is fast approaching its 200th post. Honestly, starting this off, I didn't think I'd make it this long, posting here (my other two blogger projects sit sadly neglected, most of the time...). But, here we are. I'm still posting away, still happily reading the posts of others, and of course, very much appreciating the comments of those of yall who stop by and feel so inclined.

In honor of all that, I thought I'd do a little giveaway. I'm working with the Fenestra tarot this week: a deck I once had, traded away, recieved again in a Christmas exchange, and despite my best attempts, realize that it still isn't for me. I'm offering the deck itself, without any kind of book to go along with it (it's a pretty straightforward RWS clone so I think this should be fine for most). I did gilt the edges in a 'cosmic copper' color that I think goes along really well with the colors of the deck itself, so there's that.

Totally free if you are in the USA; if not, winner would have to split the cost of shipping with me, because these days, shipping abroad is pricey. Something to consider before entering.

If you be interested, comment on this post with Major, a Suit, and a Court (just say page, knight etc, ). For the 200th post I will draw a card, and whoever is closest wins the deck. (Unless only one person posts, in which case I guess they'd 'win' the deck by default, which wouldn't be much fun...or no one posts, which would be a bit sad :0)

Anyone who reads the blog can join, regardless of whether you've commented before. I totally get the Joys of Lurking :]


Inner Whispers said...

Well, I already have this deck, a gift from a close friend, and I live outside the States, so I won't join the giveaway. Still, I just wanted to say, "Cosmic copper gilt edges - sounds rather lovely! How did you do them?" ;D

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Not entering for the deck but great job on keeping up the momentum with interesting and informative posts. I think I whizzed by 2000 recently. Such a little mind, so many words :)

Deanne said...

i am not sure what you mean by comment with a "major, a suit, and court" but here goes ---

Justice, swords, Queen

Bonkers said...

Chloe - I've gilted different decks using different methods, but for this one specifically I used a tsukeniko ink pad. http://www.amazon.com/Tsukineko-Brilliance-Inkpad-Cosmic-Copper/dp/B00161OPTY

works out pretty well, and not too much of a hassle, considering.

Deanne - that's exactly what i meant, and thanks for entering. hopefully there be more interested, but if not, deck shall be yours :]

Inner Whispers said...

Hmm, they don't deliver abroad, so I shall have to explore if I can find something closer to home. Would love to see pics of how the edges came out... Carla tried it once with a blue ink, ended up with blue hands every time she shuffled the deck *I know I'm a lemon face*

Barefoot Fool said...


LizMcBeth said...
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LizMcBeth said...

How about my favorite three?
The Lovers, Coins(or plates or spheres), Paige(princess)!

*finger's crossed*

also: I'm in the USA, so the shipping shouldn't be too out of control I hope! :)

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