Saturday, November 2, 2013

A deck I could not resist

So my tarot absence of the last half-year or so has extended not just to this blog and working with the cards, really, but also to other tarot websites I usually frequent, and to buying any new decks. After all, if I am not currently even USING the ones I have, I surely should not procure any more until that changes.

So that has been that, up until a few days ago. I was browsing online is a general way, about decks and things and somehow found myself on the Kickstarter page for a new tarot deck. I've browsed Kickstarter before, but never have been tempted enough to actually join in on funding a project. The Light Visions Tarot, it turns out, did indeed tempt me in such a way. I pledged enough to get a copy of the deck because well, it is the first deck in many months to really strongly call to me. Love the art technique and the recognizable but not just a RWS clone nature of it, and yeah.

It is also the first deck in a long time that I have bought without first reading various talk of it on blogs here or on Aeclectic. No idea about anything around this other than what the Kickstarter page says. Fortunately it is relatively easy for me, with things like this, to kind of forget about it entirely for a while, so the wait at least should not be a bother.


Carla said...

You know, I'd be interested in these cards if they were the colour version, but the B&W does nothing for me. Glad to see you pop in again. :)

Anonymous said...

I was very interested in these but couldn't afford them. They looked quite original compared to the same old tired stuff, and I love black and white decks. These look like woodcuts or lino cuts--and I like the lettering. Nice of him to include a box too, the whole set looks so sharp.

I hope you enjoy them when you get them, hopefully December. Nice to buy good art like this, isn't it?

Mónica Laura said...

Looks like we're both on the same page! My purchases have declined drastically since I realized I wasn't going to purchase the Tarot Illuminati. My reasoning behind it is that from now until the day I die, I could use my 100+ tarot decks and still not wear them all down. When I realized that, it put me off buying backup decks in case one is lost. Even if one is lost, there is a whole army willing to back it up.

Anyway, glad you posted. I enjoy this blog, and frequent it when I can. Your writing resonates with me.

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